Onboarding Expert Review

Get a fresh pair of eyes on your first-time user experience

Are you...

  • Thinking that your onboarding could use a refresh?
  • Uncomfortable with the feedback you've gotten from new users?
  • Worried that it's hurting your sales & retention?

Let's team up!

If your onboarding feels out of step with where you want it to be, I can help.

This service goes over every touchpoint of your signup experience to identify where new users may be getting lost -- and how you can save more of them.

Over the years, I've discovered a treasure trove of patterns, tricks, and techniques for helping more new users become successful.

This is what I live and breathe every day, and it's my delight to help you put the biggest pieces together.

Here's what you get

This project is designed to help you re-think your onboarding with an expert's eye, cutting out a lot of the guesswork:

First-Time UX Review

We kick things off with a video review of your current onboarding flow. In-depth recommendations are provided via audio commentary. Usually runs ~1hr in length.

Quick Fix List

After taking a detailed look at your onboarding, I outline the top no-brainer changes that you should strongly consider.

Samuel's beautiful face

Strategy Session

We wrap things up with a 1 hour video chat where we prioritize your next steps, answer any remaining questions you have, and talk about your long-term game plan.

"How do we get started?"

To find out more about scheduling & pricing, just send me your email address and I will get right back to you:


photo of Aarron Walter

"Samuel has a mysterious knack for improving onboarding experiences. He provides invaluable, actionable insights for helping users get started in your app."

      Aarron Walter, VP of Design Education, InVision

"I have some more questions..."

Cool! If you have any that aren't answered below, please feel free to email me at samuel@useronboard.com any old time.

  • "How soon can this happen?"

    Turnaround time is within 2 weeks of project confirmation.

  • "What does it cost?"

    The service as outlined above runs for $5k. If a custom scope would be better for you, I'm happy to offer those as well.

  • "Could I see some logos of other clients you've worked with?"

    Yep! How about these?

    Client logos
  • "What do I need to contribute on my end?"

    I've worked hard to make this process as easy for you as possible. The details are covered in this quick start guide.

    I promise it isn't a lot.

  • "Alright, let's have a chat about this."

    I'm already excited to hear from you:


Your users will thank you. Your glory awaits.