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Craig Watson, Spotify

"The Onboarding Expert Review played a huge part in shaping our onboarding product roadmap -- I highly recommend it!"

-- Craig Watson, Product Owner - Growth, Spotify

Here's what the review includes:

  1. Annotated PDF slideshow

    Find out why your users aren't getting to "Wow!"

    Do you know where your onboarding bottlenecks are? This PDF slideshow goes over every touchpoint of your signup experience to identify where new users may be getting lost -- and how you can save more of them.

  2. Live walkthrough video

    Explore it with me in real time

    You’ll get a recorded video with live commentary as I experience your onboarding process. I will identify bottlenecks and give recommendations on to how to patch up holes in your onboarding, so you can guide more of your users to become successful, engaged customers.

  3. The Complete Package site license

    Level up everyone's skills!

    The most thorough guide to user adoption. Super-hands-on and actionable recommendations jam-packed into 130 pages. Learn from the onboarding brains behind products like Twitter, Wistia, Mailchimp, KISSmetrics & more! 12+ hours of audio gold. Hi-res teardown PDFs, Video deep dives, onboarding UX checklist, and much more!

In short, it's a real hum-dinger.

You will be thanking yourself for getting it (and so will your signups).

photo of Aarron Walter

"Samuel has a mysterious knack for improving onboarding experiences. He provides invaluable, actionable insights that help users get their bearings with an app quickly."

-- Aarron Walter, VP of Design Education, InVision

Your users are SO worth it.

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To recap, you get:

  1. Annotated slideshow review

  2. Walkthrough video with audio commentary

  3. Site license for the Complete Package

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