"Who's behind this?"

My name is Samuel Hulick. I've been focusing on user onboarding for the better part of a decade.

You can follow me on Twitter at @SamuelHulick, where I tweet about life, design, and user onboarding.

While we're rolling here, you might as well follow @UserOnboard proper as well, where I only tweet about onboarding.

"Do you do this for a living?"

I do! UserOnboard is my full-time occupation, and user onboarding as a topic is by far the biggest area of professional passion in my life.

When I'm not researching onboarding, my attention is pretty evenly split between sharing teardowns on the site, selling my training packages, and consulting with fine companies worldwide.

Would you like some help with your own onboarding?

I'm friendly, professional, and very interested in helping your users succeed.

"Good for you! Are you credible?"

I sure hope so! I've been working on software for over a decade now, with an explicit focus on UX for many years, and an explicit-er focus on User Onboarding for a couple.

Here are some very attractive logos of some very nice companies I've had the pleasure of working with:

WordPress | MailChimp | Simple | SurveyMonkey | CrazyEgg

I've also had my work and/or thoughts featured in such august media institutions as the following:

I have also done AMAs on Inbound.org, GrowthHackers.com, and BetaList.

If you'd like me to be interviewed for something you do, hit me up at samuel@useronboard.com!

I also, you know... wrote an entire book on the subject.

"Holy shit! You wrote a whole book on User Onboarding?"

Yep! It's called The Elements of User Onboarding.

I'm told it's a breezy, fun, and informative read. If you click this link, you get 15% off, just because I like you and "why not".

"Have you written any other things about User Onboarding?"

Goodness gracious, yes. Some of my favorites:

You may also be interested in my Medium.com collection, Designing for Results.

"Interesting! Would you like to write something for our blog?"

Probably not. I find writing to be crazy laborious, so I do it only rarely.

You can always email me at samuel@useronboard.com and see if fortune smiles, though!

"Fair enough. How about podcasts, do you ever do those?"

Heck yes I do! Here are some favorites, in reverse-chronological order:

And yep, if you want me to be on your podcast, I am IN. I love podcasts. samuel@useronboard.com.

Oh! And I used to have a podcast of my own: Successful Users

"Interesting! Do you ever speak at, like, conferences or for companies or whatever?"

Yep! I've spoken all around the world. I really love speaking.

Here's a picture of me looking super suave when I spoke at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam:

And here are videos of three talks I've given, also in reverse-chronological order:

If you'd like me to speak at your conference, meetup, or company, we can totally make that happen. Email me at samuel@useronboard.com to get the ball rolling re: rate, dates, etc.

"How do you make the teardowns, btw?"

Oh, do I ever have the thing for you:

tuts+: Creating UserOnboard Teardowns: My Process and Tools

"Wow, that looks like a lot of work. Do you ever provide private teardowns?"

Yes! I have a whole consulting package for it, and everything: Onboarding Expert Review.

"Awesome! I feel like I know you so well, now!"

And I you, friend. And I you.

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